DAFI partners with DAO Maker

Dafi protocol Forms a Strategic Alliance with DAO Maker to integrate the usage of synthetics for Network Rewards and Incentive Structures

We’re delighted to announce DAFI’s partnership with DAO Maker, the go-to platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens. DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for start-ups while simultaneously reducing investors’ risks.

DAFI protocol creates a relationship between blockchain project rewards and token adoption by releasing dTokens tied to projects’ adoption. Dafi’s mission is to introduce an entirely new inflation model to incentivize every decentralized economy in proportion to its own adoption metrics.

Through this partnership, DAFI will bring the salient features of its synthetic tokens to DAO Maker’s entire ecosystem of projects. By integrating synthetic dTokens, DAFI will help reward users based on network demand and offer staking & liquidity incentives that favour longer-term users without inflation troubles. This will build a bridge between projects’ own token consumption and the emission of it.

Synthetic Rewards for Staking & Long Term Holders

DAO Maker is an incubator that leverages the power of Social Mining and omnipresent exposure to help projects acquire a community, and then uses the project’s token to convert the community into value-adding and value-assessing members of a DAO.

DAFI rewards networks based on their adoption, creating long-term users through synthetics. These synthetics are distributed to users in a reduced quantity initially, to protect a token from hyperinflation. Longer-term users are later rewarded when network demand has grown.

This collaboration will be important to the projects on DAO Maker as it solves two different but crucial issues relating to reward structures — Vaults and Incentive structures, DAFI empowers any blockchain, cryptocurrency, or application to create their own version of a dToken, each pegged to their own native token demand.

By using DAFI’s synthetics, DAO Maker projects could reward long-term users better based on network demand, not just time-release vaults. Essentially, DAFI will push the decentralized space to migrate to a demand-tied inflation model, rather than depending on time as a factor.

DeFi projects and other blockchain systems in the DAO Maker network can use the Dafi Protocol and complement their economics with an algorithmic model where real adoption is factored in. The synthetic dTokens can be used for staking and liquidity incentive structures. This way when rewards are distributed through synthetics, it would have a reduced effect on the value or supply of the underlying tokens.

Christoph Zaknun, CEO DAO Maker —

We were impressed by Dafi’s expansive vision of changing the way DeFi and blockchain economies work. That is one of the reasons we ensured they had their SHO on our platform. By tying synthetics to underlying tokens, DAFI has invented a completely new way to tackle inflation and stimulate network adoption. We’re delighted to now partner with DAFI to use their innovative idea in our rewards program for staking, liquidity, and network adoption.

Zain Rana, Founder at DAFI —

DAO Maker is a unique platform that brings venture capitalism to the masses. They go above and beyond just launching a token, but rather ensure its success through marketing and advisory roles. We were thrilled to have our SHO on DAO Maker, especially given their super selective approach wherein some of the best projects get incubated by them. Moving forward, we hope DAFI’s synthetic dTokens will be used to reward the staking pools and liquidity providers for the projects on DAO Maker network without inducing a supply shock. The integration would stimulate network demand, and encourage long-term holders.

About DAFI protocol

DAFI uses synthetics pegged to different decentralized networks. Every blockchain, application, and cryptocurrency can create a flavour of a dToken to reward their early users, while still enhancing scarcity when demand is low.

DAFI can reward a network even when demand declines, by issuing synthetics that will reward user’s later — instead of earlier. Join us on Telegram for updates.

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About DAO Maker

Founded in 2018, DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups while simultaneously reducing investors’ risks. DAO Maker provides leading solutions in community incubation, fundraising, and other growth-related techs for tokenized businesses, featuring Social Mining SaaS for community growth, DYCO & SHO for fundraising support, and upcoming Venture Bond & YieldShield to create safe environments for retail investors.

Rewarding users through network adoption — visit www.dafiprotocol.io

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