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Reinventing the economics behind decentralization is a long journey. Over the recent years, Dafi has worked closely with reputed institutions to build something positively disruptive.

Since its inception, DAFI has tested different approaches to tackle the same problem — rewarding a network with less hyperinflation and less single-user control of value. This was a problem that was identified in the 2018 crash. DAFI has been closely tied with some of the most renowned institutions in England — which was key to providing guidance, events, and support.

Incubated by Royal Bank of Scotland

DAFI initially broke grounds being incubated by a leading European Bank, the National Westminster…

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Inspired by the catastrophic 2018 crash, it became clear that the current incentive model in all decentralized networks, is flawed. All great concepts are created after years of stealth mode — testing and researching. Dafi is now solving the biggest issue faced by every decentralized economy. A broken token model that could only have been solved when the team took the first small steps to initially develop a simple economy.

Once upon a time

Let’s go back in time, to a rainy Tuesday in 2018. What many people don’t know is that Dafi was originally planned to be a simple peer-to-peer marketplace. To make…

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Dafi rewards users in a network through adoption-tied synthetics, instead of directly issuing tokens. These synthetics are distributed to users in a reduced quantity initially, to protect a token from hyperinflation. Longer-term users are later rewarded when network demand has grown.

What is Phantasma

Phantasma is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain solution powered by the governance token SOUL and the energy token KCAL that allows interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system. …

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DAFI is excited to share that we have successfully concluded an oversubscribed private sale. The funding round ended with $0.9 million USD raised, with some of the biggest names in the industry backing DAFI. Funds participating include:

The DAFI team are humbled by the huge interest in the protocol and what we are building. We would like to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support.
This is only the beginning.

What’s next for DAFI?

  1. Whitelisting of public sale participants — Within the next few weeks
  2. Public…

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Dafi Protocol presented at University of York

The DaFi protocol uses synthetic units pegged to network demand, to incentivize early-users later, rather than earlier. DaFi can therefore incentivize staking, liquidity and bounties in any decentralized economy, without creating an excess supply of tokens.

DaFi & Institutions

On February 1, the prestigious University of York hosted DaFi and the team for a night of stimulating discussions and engaging conversations around blockchain economies. The DaFi protocol was introduced to the students & researchers. DaFi’s team explained how the platform could change the current inflation models of cryptocurrency and usher in a new system of demand pegged token inflation.

Notable Alumni

University of York has…

Dafi’s synthetic DFY uses elasticity to create new, stable forms of Blockchains & Liquidity. Could this be the answer to the biggest hyperinflation issues in Decentralized Economies?

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What is an elastic token?

Simply, it is a token which changes it’s quantity routinely, after it has measured that it’s demand has increased or decreased.

What is it used for?

Previously, it was used as a form of money or a stable coin, this can be seen in Ampleforth and Yam.

However, this is not the best applied use-case of an Elastic Supply. The key trait that it offers, is the ability to algorithmically peg & adapt to a certain ‘demand’.


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This partnership will explore how the Razor network can provide real-time, accurate price feeds of cryptocurrencies to smart contracts in the Dafi platform.

Decentralized economies are built through inflation. Everything from Bitcoin to sophisticated DeFi platforms rely on inflation. However, by not adapting to changes in demand, it often leads to excess supply and hyperinflation.

The Dafi Protocol aims to solve this issue by transforming the staking and inflation model in Blockchain using demand-tied, elastic intermediaries. By creating a demand-bonded curve, DAFI will virtually eliminate the risks of hyperinflation. DAFI releases secondary, synthetic DFY’s, which are pegged to the value…

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Fig. 1 — DAFI Model of Inflation

Inflation is how a decentralized economy incentivizes it’s users, community, and participants. Everything from staking in Blockchain’s, to rewarding liquidity in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is created through inflation.

DAFI creates a new model of incentivizing through the value of the protocol, but first, let’s define inflation.

What actually is inflation?

Inflation, from a monetary perspective, is where the circulating supply increases. This is often paired with increasing prices and a reduced purchasing power.

What is inflation in Blockchain?

Almost every Blockchain or DeFi platform, releases a native token into circulation. This use of inflation enables the following -

  • Incentivizing Blockchain’s (e.g. consensus, block-rewards, staking). Network participants receive newly released…

We’re proud to announce that the DAFI protocol is December’s spotlight feature by NatWest business, in their monthly newsletter.

The National Westminster bank, also known as the Royal Bank of Scotland, is known for their forward-vision to FinTech projects. In 2019, the DAFI Protocol began a long-term incubation relationship with the bank, as a means to develop the project’s leadership, direction, and public image.

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DAFI is the chosen project of December

As the spotlight was written for those less familiar with Blockchain, only one specific use-case of DAFI was covered; lending. DAFI of course creates an entirely new model of inflation for most DeFi features and Blockchain’s…

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Dafi MVP — Start Page

The v1.0 DAFI protocol MVP is now functional and ready to use by the public here.

This is DAFI v1.0

The DAFI MVP measures the market demand & volatility, and adjusts the availability of the DFY-reward quantity proportionally. The DAFI token is staked for demand-tied rewards — which are pegged to the network. This is the mechanism in which the DAFI protocol creates demand-pegged inflation, to change the models within DeFi and Blockchain’s, forever.

DAFI Protocol

Rewarding users through network adoption — visit

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