One of the biggest challenges that most Proof-of-Stake blockchains face is the inflation produced by staking rewards distribution.

DAFI Protocol has designed an entirely new inflation model that can significantly contribute to the widespread adoption of blockchain networks. It enables projects in the ecosystem to seamlessly integrate synthetic dTokens to create a dynamic staking rewards mechanism that considers excess supply.

Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network, has teamed up with DAFI Protocol to incentivize token holders through a new staking rewards distribution program that uses demand as one of the main factors.

Polygon and DAFI Protocol aim to fight inflation while increasing staking rewards

Polygon will soon be capable of creating dMATIC…

One of the disadvantages of decentralized finance is hyperinflation, which tends to discourage long-term investments in the ecosystem, consequently affecting the growth of this nascent economy.

DAFI Protocol has addressed this issue by creating a new rewards distribution model leveraging the power of blockchain technology. For the first time ever, entrepreneurs and developers alike can take advantage of this new mechanism to create synthetics to limit excess supply in Proof-of-Stake protocols.

In a new strategic partnership, Polkalokr would be looking to integrate DAFI’s state-of-the-art staking reward mechanism to set a strong foundation for incentivizing $LKR holders in a demand-pegged manner.

Polkalokr integrates DAFI to minimize the impact of rewards distribution during cycles of low demand

Trust. Faith. Belief.

We’re excited to announce a major leap in commitment. The entire DAFI private sale has extended its vesting by more than twice. We’ve listened to the community and responded with a bold move, welcomed by every fund backing DAFI.

The entire pool of investors from the private sale has given the team another vote of confidence by extending their vesting period. Such a commitment shows that our community is here for the long haul as we achieve every milestone in our roadmap.

What’s changed?

The private-sale token release has slowed down to 14 months, combined with a token burn-bridge. We’ve analysed the…

We’re excited to announce the launch of our first synthetic application on Friday, April 30. DAFI Simulate, enables users to create dTokens from existing crypto-assets. It’s live here.

By connecting your Metamask wallet to the platform and using existing crypto-assets, such as wBTC, ETH, AAVE and LINK, you will be able to create synthetic tokens. These digital assets will be pegged to the underlying crypto’s demand, with very low fees.

In the light of the latest strategic collaborations, we are proud to announce a partnership with Reef Finance, the first cross-chain DeFi operating system built on Polkadot. Reef Finance is a leading smart liquidity aggregator and advanced DeFi yield engine that provides a seamless user interface to execute smooth trades.

DAFI Protocol has set up an entirely new inflation model that can significantly contribute to massive network adoption. It allows seamless integration of synthetic dTokens for every decentralized economy to reward based only on their adoption metrics. Not only does DAFI aid in controlling excess supply, but it allows implementing…

DAFI partners with Xend Finance to integrate synthetic dXend tokens for its new staking models

Dafi Protocol is glad to announce a partnership with Xend Finance, the first DeFi project from Africa, to enable a sustainable staking model to drive mainstream adoption and increased utility. Xend Finance helps individuals and credit unions around the world save in stable currencies and earn higher APY.

Dafi Protocol aims to create an entirely new inflation model addressing issues relating to hyperinflation. It implements synthetic dTokens for every decentralized economy in proportion to its adoption metrics. Dafi primarily aims to bridge the gap between the distribution of blockchain project rewards and token adoption by limiting excess supply and enabling…

We’re excited the announce the first DAFI synthetic platform will go live this month. This is the first launch of the development roadmap and a significant milestone in DAFI as it sets history on a new model of network rewards.

Create dTokens

In this platform, users can create synthetic dTokens from existing crypto-assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink. By connecting your ERC20 wallet, users can mint dTokens which are pegged to the underlying tokens network. This simulates the new incentive model which DAFI creates, for every decentralized economy.

Same chains. New possibilities

DAFI is creating history, on the mission to reinvent how every decentralized network is rewarded. New staking & social reward models which are now tied to a network’s adoption. Join our social channels for updates on the release.

Dafi is committed to maintain transparency, creating a solid foundation between the entire community. In this first report, we will be sharing an overview of the recent TGE, token statistics, community growth, and network adoption in the industry.

This data-backed report will further the trust and confidence in the community. We will explore the last four weeks since the DAFI listing, as well as key milestones & achievements.


To begin, we will analyse the DAFI Public Sale. This was on the 16th of March and coordinated by DAO Maker’s Strong Holder Offering model.

Dafi Protocol joins forces with Tidal Finance, the Polkadot-based cross-chain DeFi insurance player to utilize dToken Synthetics

Dafi Protocol is pleased to announce that it is joining forces with Tidal Finance, a cross-chain DeFi insurance protocol to drive increased utility. Tidal Finance is redefining how decentralized insurance works by providing decentralized insurance coverage solutions for assets in a custom balanced liquidity pool. It allows users to seamlessly choose risk pools depending on their risk appetite and a combination of other factors.

Dafi Protocol aims to create an entirely new inflation model addressing issues relating to hyperinflation. In order to do so, it implements synthetic dTokens for every decentralized economy in proportion to its adoption metrics. Dafi primarily…

VC Backing : Spark Digital Capital, Twin Apex and Polymer Capital

Carrying on from our first edition of VC Backers Spotlight series, we take a closer look at some of the most reputed Crypto firms who have placed their faith into DAFI. The three listed VC firms are renowned in the industry for their deep research and intensive selection process when backing a project. We’re grateful to them for believing in the DAFI’s vision, and pleased to have them share with our community, their thesis for their involvement and what motivated them to be a long term backer.

Spark Digital Capital

Founded in 2017, Spark Digital Capital is an international cryptocurrency venture capital fund…

DAFI Protocol

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