Creating dToken rewards for Konomi to maximize incentives

Decentralization has transformed the way economies work. It has chiselled a mechanism of bridging the gap between core values from traditional finance and network users whilst reinforcing privacy and security.

DAFI understands the potential that DeFi has to transform the global financial system. For this reason, we have created an innovative demand pegged model to introduce synthetic smart tokens into each blockchain network. The use of dTokens serves to limit excess supply of native tokens into every decentralized ecosystem, enhancing scarcity and rewarding long-term users.

As an advanced decentralized money market and liquidity protocol, Konomi Network will tap into DAFI’s…

Low fees. In preparation for DAFI Super Staking in June.

We’re excited to announce that DAFI is now trading on Pancakeswap, and users can convert their ERC20 DAFI using the bridge. A brief walkthrough has been detailed below.

Pancakeswap pool — wBNB/DAFI is traded here
Dextools view
BEP20 DAFI Contract Address — 0x22439bE3AeBC1590B05E3243780eD4156b629604

How to convert to BEP20 DAFI?

Step 1 — Visit the Chainswap bridge here

Step 2 — Paste the ERC20 contract address, or alternatively search for “DAFI”. Reminder, the ERC20 contract address is 0xfc979087305a826c2b2a0056cfaba50aad3e6439

United & Committed to DAFI.

We are pleased to announce the first Dafinauts ambassador program. The brand-new initiative will help us empower the community to participate in the adoption of our limitless rewards protocol. This program will follow DAFI principles allowing users to become part of the economies that they love.

To participate, you can apply here. You’ll need passion and a team-oriented mindset to become the next Dafinaut!

Inspire. Educate. Inform.

Dafinauts will be in charge of promoting awareness and educating newcomers about DAFI. …

We’ve also launched a double-reward LP program today!

We’re excited to announce that DAFI Protocol has partnered with Alliance Block who is looking to explore synthetic dTokens into Alliance Block’s Liquidity ecosystem for an intelligent reward mechanism with better incentivization.

The evolution of decentralized finance is an ironclad utility of blockchain technology. As the DeFi landscape is dynamic in nature, inflation is limiting mainstream adoption. While all economies are built through reward models, this can transition to hyperinflation due to zero equilibrium between demand and supply, leaving users to never truly be a part of a decentralized network’s growth.

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with…

We posted this on Discord first! Join here

The widespread adoption of decentralized finance has helped the blockchain ecosystem mature. Users are now more aware of the value propositions than ever before.

Such a paradigm shift has played a vital role in the cryptocurrency market, forcing networks to change their vision to prepare for long-term growth.

DAFI Protocol is delighted to welcome ZKSwap to its vibrant ecosystem. By integrating smart synthetic dTokens, the token swap protocol would have the opportunity to expand the utility of its network by rewarding long-term users through a demand pegged model.

Adopting faultless reward distribution mechanisms

As a Layer2 DEX with an AMM model, ZKSwap employs ZK-Rollup technology…

The First LP Rewards Program for DAFI

We’re excited to finally launch our first liquidity rewards program on Uniswap. Starting on May 31, we will incentivize those users who add liquidity to the DAFI/ETH trading pair with an initial APY of 401.83% through the platform here.

We have listened to the community, and decided to create this program to ensure that Dafinauts have enough liquidity on a decentralized exchange. It’s also important to note that we will not be staking any initial liquidity supplied within the program. This means the maximum rewards are allocated for the community only.

Liquidity providers will be entitled to the regular 0.3%…

The second edition of our mission to transparency

DAFI Protocol remains committed to the long-term success of its revolutionary rewards model and its community. The growing team of developers, academics, and expert advisors behind it has been polishing and upgrading critical features to boost the adoption of this next-gen Super Staking model.

Not only have we launched Simulate to enable market participants to create dTokens, but several decentralized networks have decided to ‘Switch to DAFI’ — to integrate our technology to reshape their economies. Network activity & DAFI tokens locked in Staking has also seen a healthy increase.

$DAFI Network Activity

The DAFI protocol has been steadily expanding. This is a…

Integrating dToken rewards with prediction markets

The rising popularity of the prediction markets has opened many possibilities. With the integration of DeFi, information exchange has gained a wide exposure. Maintaining a growing appetite among market participants through incentives is very important to keep up with the growing demand, but it is something the current ecosystem lacks.

DAFI Protocol has joined forces with Polkamarkets to power the next-generation predictions market on the Polkadot Network. Our state-of-the-art Super Staking reward model can significantly contribute to the long term growth and mainstream adoption of this network by maximizing rewards while limiting excess supply.

DAFI and Polkamarkets to usher a new wave of network adoption through the integration of synthetic dTokens

Polkamarkets will integrate DAFI’s synthetic dTokens…

The DeFi gaming industry is making big waves. Seascape’s gaming and NFTs platform will look to employ DAFI’s revolutionary rewards model to fuel long term NFT action by balanced metrics of demand and supply. We are delighted to announce that DAFI will be exploring new territories by strategically partnering with Seascape, an ultimate gaming platform designed around DeFi & NFT’s.

DAFI Protocol has designed an entirely new inflation model that can significantly contribute to the long term growth and drive mainstream adoption of diverse blockchain networks. …

For more, join the Dafi Telegram here

After reviewing various decentralized oracle solutions, DAFI Protocol is pleased to announce a collaboration with Chainlink. Cryptocurrency Data Feeds will be crucial for DAFI to price all synthetic dTokens offered through its state-of-the-art reward distribution mechanism and obtain volume data from a variety of blockchains and APIs.

Chainlink will ensure DAFI provides a reliable service for DeFi projects looking to create a long-term token distribution model that rewards early participants without the pitfalls of hyperinflation.

Combining DAFI Protocol and Chainlink for Advanced Reward Distribution Model

DAFI is designed to solve the growing problem of unbalanced incentives within the early stages of Proof-of-Stake protocols. Decentralized projects tend to distribute tokens to…

DAFI Protocol

Rewarding users through network adoption — visit

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