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  • Early adopters of Super Staking will soon be rewarded for their support as entry to V1 becomes limited.
  • A new SuperPool V2, will accommodate new Super Stakers on low-fee chains with more stable rewards
  • Both V1 and V2 Staking will see significant APY increases.
  • After V2 is launched, on-chain…

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DAFI Protocol has put a lot of emphasis on expanding the utility of the network. Our team of developers, academics, and industry experts are working together with other decentralized economies to allow them to start integrating our smart synthetics technology.

We’re also working on a new iteration of Super Staking…

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Network Adoption is DAFI’s Priority

At DAFI Protocol, we want to thank everyone for their support! It’s been a few months since our DAFI launched, and our community remains strong and committed to our success.

We’ve reshuffled our roadmap to prioritize the expansion of the network and the adoption of our rewards distribution program. The…

We are now closer to onchain adoption of DAFI tokens to create new dToken flavors!

DAFI Protocol is joining forces with Polinate to bring its state-of-the-art rewards distribution model to every corner of the blockchain world. The next generation crowdfunding platform aims to encourage market participants to stay committed to the creatives they love through.

Polinate would become one of the first projects to purchase…

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  • Super Staking V1 is approaching full capacity, entry would be limited.
  • A new SuperPool, V2, is underway to offer a more stable APY rate and enhanced distribution of dDAFI rewards.
  • Legacy Super Stakers on V1 will be incentivized for their support as early adopters.
  • After V2 is launched, the…

Next week there will be a major upgrade with higher APY & a smoother UX!

It has never been easier to stake your $DAFI tokens. With the launch of Super Staking, you can now follow these easy steps to take advantage of this revolutionary incentives model and generate yield.

Here’s how you can Super Stake your $DAFI:

Step 1 – Go to Super Staking, here

To Super Stake click here!

At DAFI Protocol, security is one of our top mission-critical priorities. As we aim to reinvent every decentralized economy through the integration of smart synthetic dTokens, it is crucial to ensure that our state-of-the-art rewards mechanism is secured.

We have put a lot of emphasis on building a safe ecosystem…

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We are delighted to announce our latest strategic partnership with BitcoinVend — an all-purpose application on a mission to integrate cryptocurrency into everyday life.


  • DAFI and BitcoinVend have formed a partnership to explore the integration of smart synthetic dTokens.
  • BitcoinVend will also allow users to use $DAFI within…

This was posted in the new DAFI Market hub first!


  • DAFI Protocol and Terra Virtua Kolect ($TVK) are partnering to introduce an improved staking model for the TVK ecosystem.
  • The new system will issue network pegged synthetic tokens, dTVK tokens.
  • These synthetic tokens are designed to be algorithmically pegged to the demand of $TVK

DAFI protocol is excited to…

DAFI — Same chains. Better rewards.

We’re delighted to announce that DAFI Protocol has teamed up with HAPI. The on-chain cybersecurity protocol will help us fortify our rewards distribution model while exploring the integration of our smart synthetic dTokens into its decentralized economy. With dHAPI tokens, demand volatility will convert into user rewards.

Together, DAFI and…

DAFI Protocol

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