BSC Super Staking — Upgrade

Did you hear about the DAFI Bridge going live?


  • BSC Super Staking rewards and APY will increase by 2x.
  • The DAFI Bridge will introduce additional token utilities, including the creation of new Super Pools built from bridge fees.
  • Until the bridge is live, BSC Super Stakers don’t need to do anything.

The new DAFI Bridge is underway!

We had been debating whether to use a third-party token bridge for Super Staking or build our own from scratch. After understanding the potential pitfalls of relying on third-party providers, we have decided to create DAFI’s own native bridge.

The DAFI Bridge enables market participants to use their ERC-20 $DAFI on other high-speed and low-cost networks. Initially, the token bridge will work for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

The new initiative will allow us to avoid unknown security risks, increase the use cases for the $DAFI token, and make this service more decentralized as we take matters into our own hands.

Even though the lock-up period for those Dafinauts who have Super Staked their BEP20 $DAFI will be extended until the DAFI Bridge goes live, we have created a special Super Staking incentive to reward you for your patience.

Effective immediately, the potential APY for the BEP20 Superpool will increase by 2x. Dafinauts will enjoy a potential APY of 72.46% on their Super Staked BEP20 $DAFI as rewards continue to be distributed in Super Staking. You can claim these amazing rewards as soon as the DAFI Bridge goes live in August.

Until then, rest assured that everything is secure, and those who have Super Staked their BEP20 $DAFI would not have to do anything in anticipation of the new DAFI Bridge.

The nature of DAFI’s Super Staking requires supporting protocol tokens across multiple blockchains. The exciting prospect of a DAFI bridge, is that dToken partners can integrate this for their own tokens. Thereby, creating Super Pools and the fees paid for this are distributed back to Dafinauts that are Super Staking.

Rather than relying on third-party providers, we believe that creating our own bridge would help us provide you with the peace of mind you need when Super Staking. As we plan to reinvent every decentralized network in the blockchain world, DAFI’s utility continues to improve, accelerating its adoption.

DAFI — Same Chains. Better Rewards.

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