DAFI Protocol is NatWest bank’s spotlight project — December

We’re proud to announce that the DAFI protocol is December’s spotlight feature by NatWest business, in their monthly newsletter.

The National Westminster bank, also known as the Royal Bank of Scotland, is known for their forward-vision to FinTech projects. In 2019, the DAFI Protocol began a long-term incubation relationship with the bank, as a means to develop the project’s leadership, direction, and public image.

DAFI is the chosen project of December

As the spotlight was written for those less familiar with Blockchain, only one specific use-case of DAFI was covered; lending. DAFI of course creates an entirely new model of inflation for most DeFi features and Blockchain’s. This is enabled through simply staking DAFI to create synthetic, demand-pegged DFY’s.

The early period of 2021 will be very pivotal for DAFI . Milestones including the DAFI.Finance launch are scheduled for Q2 2021. Also, enabling individuals to create synthetic, demand-tied flavours of any existing ERC-20 token, will be ready in February. This was also mentioned in the NatWest bank newsletter.

The UK has been through several nationwide lockdown’s in 2020, the plan for participating within the bank’s FinTech events, organising pilots, and general support was limited. However, with 2021 fast approaching, everyone at DAFI hopes that you have a safe year. The coming months should certainly be something to watch closely for DAFI.

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