DAFI Protocol and HAPI to Disrupt Current Staking Models

DAFI — Same chains. Better rewards.

We’re delighted to announce that DAFI Protocol has teamed up with HAPI. The on-chain cybersecurity protocol will help us fortify our rewards distribution model while exploring the integration of our smart synthetic dTokens into its decentralized economy. With dHAPI tokens, demand volatility will convert into user rewards.

Together, DAFI and HAPI will create a new realm of positive features for those long-term users who are genuinely committed to our projects.

Joining Forces For Better and Secured Rewards

HAPI enables blockchain projects to reach a new security level through its set of cross-chain smart contracts. Embedding trustless oracles into every dApp can prevent hacker attacks as this mechanism monitors funds from bad actors.

DAFI Protocol will also benefit from this partnership by adding an extra layer of security to its state-of-the-art rewards distribution model. The reliable failsafe mechanism will be implemented to rectify the most hidden loopholes that can arise from deploying new code.

As DAFI intends to disrupt the current staking programs in the blockchain industry, it is essential to have a slew of preventative solutions that will inhibit issues from transpiring beforehand.

HAPI would also take advantage of the partnership with DAFI to incentivize long-term users for the commitment to the project.

The integration of smart synthetic dTokens into HAPI’s economy will suppress the effects of supply shocks. dHAPI tokens will drive liquidity into the ecosystem fostering long-term growth.

The on-chain cybersecurity protocol will explore issuing synthetics that will be rewarded at a later stage to strengthen its fundamentals essentially. The new network dynamics could help purge those keen on capitalizing on quick profits out of the decentralized economy. Consequently, enhancing scarcity while rewarding users based on their long-term support to HAPI.

About DAFI Protocol

DAFI reinvents how every decentralized network is rewarded. By creating synthetics pegged to different decentralized networks, every blockchain and cryptocurrency can create a dToken flavor to reward their early users while still enhancing scarcity when demand is low.

Our mechanism rewards a network even when demand declines by issuing synthetics that will reward users later — instead of earlier. This approach will change the foundation of all staking, liquidity, and even social reward systems for the entire decentralized world.

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About HAPI

HAPI is a cross-chain protocol, aimed at creating new cybersecurity standards for the DeFi market by providing real-time data on stolen funds and compromised wallets.

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