The first DeFi protocol Incubated by Leading European Bank

DAFI is finally proud to reveal that the National Westminster Bank is incubating the DAFI protocol.

“This is something we’re incredibly proud of, it’s a sign of growth to see traditional banks venture into Decentralized Finance and Blockchain – Zain Rana, DAFI Protocol Founder”

National Westminster is a one of the largest UK-based banks, with a strong network and backing to grow DAFI over the coming years. They are recently known for their appetite to new technology, they are one of the few CeFi banks embracing Blockchain and now DeFi.

The incubation consists of supporting DAFI through pilots, consulting, accelerating under their FinTech arm, and the new DAFI UK office – which will be located inside one of the bank’s branches.

DAFI’s team spent quite some in meeting the due-diligence to solidify this incubation successfully. The DAFI Protocol is known for it’s belief in creating a new model of inflation for DeFi and Blockchain. Creating a universe of Finance for mainstream people. Being part of National Westminster’s network, further adds to the credibility in the vision.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the DAFI community who supported the project during the stealth period. This achievement is your achievement – DAFamily.

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