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Super staking, it’s here, and it’s super.

At DAFI Protocol, we continue to expand the utility of our state-of-the-art smart synthetics technology to solve one of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry, hyperinflation. With the launch of Super Staking, a new realm of possibilities are opening up to finally convert market-demand volatility into user rewards.

While market participants rush to ‘Super Stake’ their $DAFI tokens, more decentralized networks have ‘Switched to DAFI.’ We have also launched a liquidity program to allow Dafinauts to easily trade with a comfortable market liquidity.

Say Hello to Super Staking!

After months upon months of hard work and dedication, we have finally launched Super Staking. The new platform can be thought of as Staking 2.0, where users receive dTokens rewards for their locked up holdings, which grow alongside the network.

As the DAFI protocol becomes more adopted over time, dTokens rewards multiply in quantity.

Essentially, Super Staking converts demand volatility into incentives, encouraging users to stay on the network. Long-term commitment to the growth of the protocol is rewarded, so market participants can finally become an actual part of the decentralized economies they love the most.

Nearly 24,000,000 $DAFI tokens have been ‘Super Staked’ since the launch of Super Staking on Binance Smart Chain on June 30.

Have you Super Staked yet?

As we prepare to bring our revolutionary rewards distribution model to Ethereum and Polygon within the next few weeks, we have seen a significant number of tokens move from our Pre-Staking to Super Staking. Nearly 40,500,000 $DAFI are now being delegated in the Pre-Staking program by more than 2,600 unique holders.

Additionally, over 10,873,000 $DAFI are being staked in the DAFI-ETH liquidity rewards program we recently launched. Another 2,223,000 $DAFI sit in the DAFI-ALBT pool and 3,282,000 $DAFI in the DAFI-BNB pool.

In total, 80,878,000 $DAFI tokens have been locked up by the community, representing 18.68% of the entire circulating supply. These figures are quite significant when considering that Super Staking is yet to go live on Ethereum and Polygon.

Network Activity Skyrockets

With the launch of Super Staking, DAFI’s network activity exploded signaling a spike in user adoption over time.

Within the past month, there was a 5% increase in $DAFI holders on the Ethereum network, representing a healthy growth considering the migration to BSC. Meanwhile, the number of transactions has surged by 24%.

Approximately 24,700 $DAFI token transfers have taken place to date with the circulating supply at 432,919,571 $DAFI.


Along the same lines, 261 unique DAFI addresses have been created on Binance Smart Chain since the launch of Super Staking, recording nearly 1,250 $DAFI token transfers.


The DAFI Community Grows

The DAFI community continues expanding at an exponential rate. To meet the market’s demand, we have opened new Reddit and Discord accounts catered directly to a wider audience.

We have also gained more than 1,490 new followers over the past month on Twitter alone. Now, we have over 34,600 followers on this social media network.

Each one of our tweets had over 68,000 impressions on average for a total of 1,720,000 month-to-month impressions.

Given the significant number of market participants interested in DAFI, we launched an ambassador program to empower the community to participate in the adoption of our limitless rewards protocol.

Dafinauts will be in charge of promoting awareness and educating newcomers about $DAFI.

Onwards and Upwards

Just like our community is significantly growing, so does our ecosystem of partners. More and more projects are starting to realize that the only way to escape from hyperinflation is by integrating our smart synthetic dTokens.

ZKSwap, Alliance Block, Litentry, Kattana, and Konomi Network are now leveraging DAFI’s technology to expand the utility of their networks and reward long-term users through a demand pegged model.

Alex Lee, head of development at ZKSwap, said to be excited about the value propositions of dTokens.

“With ZKSwap recently crossing $1 billion USD in total value locked up, we’re seeing exponential network growth. As we scale our ecosystem, we’re looking for more effective ways to reward our early adopters and long-term contributors without diluting their value. DAFI’s distribution model is a promising solution to a common problem faced by many growth-stage blockchain networks, so we’re thrilled to partner with them to explore the use of synthetic assets on ZKSwap.”

Likewise, the CEO of Alliance Block Rachid Ajaja believes that the integration of DAFI’s state-of-the-art rewards distribution model will transform the ALBT network entirely.

“We are impressed with the revolutionary product that DAFI is building and we are happy to integrate into our ecosystem. With Alliance Block catering to a number of ecosystems, the introduction of DAFI’s model will attract increased user participation and platform growth. Leveraging DAFI’s offerings, Alliance Block could become instrumental in factoring network adoption.”

The overall sentiment from our new partners is that DAFI’s rewards distribution program creates a strong resistance towards short-term exits and supply shocks, consequently ushering further sustainability and utility.

On the Horizon

We continue to expand the DAFI ecosystem and boost the adoption of our synthetic dTokens. Our team of developers, academics, and expert advisors are currently working on introducing a new iteration of Super Staking directed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This week we’ve redeployed the Super Staking pool on BSC and balanced it securely.

Next week we will be improving the token security infrastructure, which will involve safely moving treasury & staking reserves into multi-sig vaults.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our Medium page to stay updated on what’s coming next. Don’t forget to join our community in Telegram.

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