Here’s Everything About Super Staking V1 and V2

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We’re pleased to announce that Super Staking V2 is just a few weeks away.

The new SuperPools are currently being audited by some of the top security and smart contract audit companies in the blockchain universe. We want to ensure that our smart synthetics technology is secure and ready to provide better, bigger, and stable rewards.

As the world prepares for a new era of Super Staking, it is imperative to learn the difference between the legacy SuperPool (V1) and the new ones (V2) that we’re about to launch.

Super Staking V1 vs. Super Staking V2

We’re very thankful for the interest that crypto enthusiasts have shown for Super Staking. Early adopters who have been Super Staking $DAFI since the inception of our first SuperPools in late June will always have a special place in the community.

We’re planning to reward these legacy Super Stakers for their support with even greater incentives as the entry to our V1 SuperPool would soon be closed to give way to the new SuperPool. V1 will remain very attractive for the early adopters as the demand factor changes its pegging and yield has a strong increase.

In simple terms, dDAFI rewards on V1 will multiply earlier than V2 rewards will. This makes it still an attractive option for the existing Dafinauts staking. Both V1 and V2 will see APY boosts, and further boosts as projects deposit bought-DAFI into the reward pools (through dToken adoption).

On the other hand, the new Super Stakers in the V2 SuperPools would also enjoy epic rewards and many new features enhancements. Those using V2 will see a new and improved distribution of dDAFI rewards, a more stable APY rate, and an all-new architecture in the protocol.

The second iteration of Super Staking will be the cornerstone of our future developments with on-chain adoptions, Social Rewards, SuperPools, Prediction Markets, and more.

In simple terms, V2 is the dDAFI pool which will also exist on low-cost chains (like Polygon). The advantages for V2 include a more intelligent dToken distribution, which makes it robust enough to be adopted. Gradually, we’re implementing on-chain use of DAFI by other protocols, as fees. These tokens are deposited back into the dDAFI reward pools, in both the existing and upcoming pools. The fee models will eventually become more volume-based, rather than integration-based. Which makes it compliment the new architecture of V2.

Soon after Super Staking V2 is live, we will enable support for a wider variety of tokens running on different networks, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.

It is worth mentioning that previous users Super Staking in the BSC dDAFI SuperPool will receive up to 25% bonus on their Super Staked $DAFI, which will be able to be claimed on Ethereum/Polygon (to be announced). These tokens can then be staked on the V2 mainnet after this new SuperPool is available.

While Super Staking V2 undergoes formal verification and additional security auditing, we remain optimistic that it will be deployed within the next few weeks.

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