Introducing the DAFI Bridge

You asked, we listened!

Our team of developers, academics, and industry experts will work together to create DAFI’s own, native Bridge, enabling our community to use ERC-20 $DAFI on other high-speed and low-cost networks. Initially, the token bridge will work for Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

We’re going to make sure that the DAFI Bridge goes through multiple security audits before it’s live. Likewise, we’ll share the results with our community like we always have done to promote full transparency.

This decision to launch the DAFI Bridge was a community oriented response to the recent ChainSwap bridge exploit that led to the sale of $200k worth of DAFI and several other projects being impacted.

Even though we’ll be using another bridge for the time-being, our team will make sure the DAFI Bridge is online in a timely manner since the initial development and the audit process will be rigorous.

More security for the dToken universe

Once launched into production, the DAFI bridge will also be offered to our growing partner ecosystem as a service when they adopt our smart synthetic dTokens. This will include a fee model which will expand and further DAFI token demand & utility.

Until a new, temporary bridge is live within a week, the current BEP20 balances will be swapped to the new version. Following this BEP20 swap, withdrawals for Super Staking will be enabled again, without any issues. For any users currently staking on Binance Smart Chain, there will be no action needed to be taken, the new BEP20 will be airdropped as funds are all safe!

We’ve responded to the ChainSwap event swiftly, and made decisions to further commitment & growth to the DAFI Protocol. This development, the buyback, and our upcoming Super Pool launches, all display a continued momentum for Dafinauts to be excited about.

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