Super Staking V2 Overview

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  • Super Staking V1 is approaching full capacity, entry would be limited.
  • A new SuperPool, V2, is underway to offer a more stable APY rate and enhanced distribution of dDAFI rewards.
  • Legacy Super Stakers on V1 will be incentivized for their support as early adopters.
  • After V2 is launched, the first on-chain adoption of $DAFI by other decentralized economies will go live.

We are pleased to announce the second iteration of Super Staking to enable access to greater rewards to a broader audience.

The Legacy Super Stakers

Super Staking’s launch in late June shook the blockchain world as it marked the beginning of a new era.

The introduction of smart synthetics pegged to network demand has benefited users by converting market-demand volatility into rewards. More than 1,000 unique addresses have Super Staked nearly 100 million $DAFI in the V1 SuperPools to date.

Although this was a theory for a new type of rewards distribution program, it has proven quite successful. Since it was introduced, Super Staking V1 has functioned without upkeep, encouraging long-term commitment via more significant incentives.

The legacy Super Pool will continue to work for the time being. As DAFI deploys new rewards mechanisms on the network, new yield-generating opportunities will be available in other products soon. Still, V1 is approaching total capacity, so the entry would soon be closed, remaining for a limited time until the new launch.

Introducing Super Staking V2

To meet the markets’ demand, the world-class developers, academics, and industry experts building on the DAFI thesis have made upgrades to the smart contracts with changes to the rewards formulas to deploy a new SuperPool.

  • Existing users who are Super Staking on V1 will not be interrupted, they will see their dDAFI rewards multiplied as the demand factor changes its pegging, as well as a strong increase to the yield.
  • When V2 is launched, no new users will be able to participate in the V1 SuperPool.
  • New users staking on V2 will see a new and improved distribution of dDAFI rewards, a more stable APY rate, and an all-new architecture in the protocol.
  • Previous users Super Staking in the BSC dDAFI Super Pool will receive up to 25% bonus on their Super Staked $DAFI, which will be able to be claimed on Ethereum/Polygon (to be announced).
  • Soon after Super Staking V2 is live, we will enable support for a wider variety of tokens running on different networks, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. It represents the first on-chain adoption of $DAFI by other decentralized economies, making it possible to use this token as fees, bought on the open market.

V2 is the second iteration of Super Staking and includes many new features and enhancements. Currently, the core rewards modifications are being finished and additional work is still in progress.

  • Super Staking V2 is undergoing formal verification and additional security auditing.
  • The interface is being updated to support the functionality of both Super Pools.
  • Documentation, guides, and examples are still being worked on.

We will close access to Super Staking V1 and enable users to join the SuperPool V2 when everything is ready. We are optimistic that V2 can be deployed within the next three weeks. Please, keep in mind that this is a target, subject to audits, and not an announced release date.

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