VC Backing — Spark Digital Capital

VC Backing : Spark Digital Capital, Twin Apex and Polymer Capital

Carrying on from our first edition of VC Backers Spotlight series, we take a closer look at some of the most reputed Crypto firms who have placed their faith into DAFI. The three listed VC firms are renowned in the industry for their deep research and intensive selection process when backing a project. We’re grateful to them for believing in the DAFI’s vision, and pleased to have them share with our community, their thesis for their involvement and what motivated them to be a long term backer.

Spark Digital Capital

Founded in 2017, Spark Digital Capital is an international cryptocurrency venture capital fund that focuses on the value of global blockchain projects. Their backing within the blockchain industry is primarily within Infrastructure, Mass-Adoption and DeFi. As an early institution that has led the blockchain field, it has invested in several high-impacting projects such as Elrond, 1Inch Exchange, Graph and Marlin.

Here’s what Leon Hu, Managing Partner at Spark Digital Capital, had to say about DAFI.

“Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains are at an inflection point where their exponential growth can at any day be brought to a complete halt by unsound economic models and token distribution. One of the main reasons for this has been the strategy employed by most projects, that of distributing token rewards freely to encourage adoption which instead only devalues the price and invites short-term speculators.

DAFI offers an alternative to this by way of synthetic dTokens which could potentially be used by almost every project with a crypto token. By creating a synthetic token, the value and supply of the underlying native token can be preserved while rewards and incentive structures could be carried on to encourage adoption. This could have widespread effects on every sector from gaming rewards to airdrops to staking.

Early adopters and long-term holders will be fostered by this mechanism wherein they’re rewarded later. The idea proposed by DAFI is fundamentally excellent and the developments so far in terms of the tech side have been rapid. We believe DAFI could be adopted industry-wide and potentially for various use cases that haven’t been even explored yet. The future looks bright indeed.”

Twin Apex

Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain companies.

They support their projects by way of strategic partnerships, consultancy, and large-scale exposure. The goal at Twin Apex is to constantly be on the lookout for projects which are set to disrupt the blockchain sphere with unique and leading-edge technologies. Here’s what they had to say about their partnering with DAFI.

“ We were very pleased upon the initial review process of the DAFI project, proposition, team & vision.

We quickly came to the conclusion that the team & project made organic sense for our portfolio & fell into the bracket of projects that we would be delighted to support for a long term partnership.

We were beyond pleased to see how the team executed all things pre-launch/post-launch & we stand committed to walk alongside this team for the entire duration of their journey & budding legacy.”

Take a look at this article they have written about their reasons to back DAFI.

Polymer Capital

Polymer is a strategic capital firm that invests in Blockchain technology. They have been strategically involved in selective projects with a primary focus on new encryption models, tokenomics, and disruptive innovation in the blockchain ecosystem. Polymer’s strategy is to support highly-selective portfolio projects, with a greater impact on decentralization. They had been one of the earliest backers of DAFI, with their long term vision perfectly aligning with what DAFI brings to the decentralized market. Here is what they had to say.

“Not only are we long-term on DAFI, but we’re also actively supporting them in their mission to launch what will be a new era of network inflation. There is a lot of development coming in their pipeline, and a very big market opportunity, one that we want to be part of.”

Final words

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each one of our partners for supporting our vision of reinventing blockchain economies. Stay tuned for the final part of the VC Backers Spotlight series.

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