University of York hosted the DAFI Protocol

Dafi Protocol presented at University of York

The DaFi protocol uses synthetic units pegged to network demand, to incentivize early-users later, rather than earlier. DaFi can therefore incentivize staking, liquidity and bounties in any decentralized economy, without creating an excess supply of tokens.

DaFi & Institutions

On February 1, the prestigious University of York hosted DaFi and the team for a night of stimulating discussions and engaging conversations around blockchain economies. The DaFi protocol was introduced to the students & researchers. DaFi’s team explained how the platform could change the current inflation models of cryptocurrency and usher in a new system of demand pegged token inflation.

Notable Alumni

University of York has always been a great hunting ground for exchange of ideas, given it’s reputation of being receptive to transformative blockchain solutions. Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and creator of Polkadot graduated from the University and is celebrated as a tech visionary on the campus.

DaFi has always reached out to students and fellow crypto enthusiasts in academia to foster conversations around the digital environment.

Past collaborations with DaFi

In 2020, DaFi was presented at the University of Manchester and the University of Leeds. There is a mutual respect between the new model DaFi is building and the leading institutions/universities in England.

DaFi focuses on the education around the new foundation of value that is being constructed - to the next generation of students entering the decentralized world.

Read more about how DaFi is recreating the inflation model for all staking, DeFi and Blockchains with our Rewarding 2.0 mechanism.

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