DAFI’s work with Institutions

Reinventing the economics behind decentralization is a long journey. Over the recent years, Dafi has worked closely with reputed institutions to build something positively disruptive.

Since its inception, DAFI has tested different approaches to tackle the same problem — rewarding a network with less hyperinflation and less single-user control of value. This was a problem that was identified in the 2018 crash. DAFI has been closely tied with some of the most renowned institutions in England — which was key to providing guidance, events, and support.

Incubated by Royal Bank of Scotland

DAFI initially broke grounds being incubated by a leading European Bank, the National Westminster Bank (otherwise known as the Royal Bank of Scotland). Natwest Bank is one of the largest UK-based banks, and a part of the prestigious RBS group.

The National Westminster Bank decided to support DAFI through consulting and accelerating the project under their FinTech arm. In fact, the new DAFI UK office was even located inside one of their branch building’s.

Featured in Natwest Business

DAFI protocol was also spotlighted in the December edition of Natwest’s monthly newsletter. This was instrumental in introducing DAFI to a whole new audience unaware of blockchain and decentralized finance. For this reason, only one utility of adaptive rewards was mentioned in their brief newsletter targeted for non-crypto people. It was very encouraging to see a reputed centralized institution (and a financial bank at that) accelerating this venture.

Close ties with academia

DAFI believes in embracing education surrounding Blockchain & the new models transforming the field. Dafi’s team worked with several Universities, Researchers and of course Students to foster conversations around the digital environment.

In late 2020, Dafi CEO Zain Rana presented the project at the University of Manchester and the University of Leeds. Breaking down the economics in how decentralized economies are created, including Bitcoin, and how they can be improved. It’s a leap in the vision of what DAFI is constructing to the next generation of students coming into this decentralized world.

On February 1, the prestigious University of York hosted DAFI’s team for a night of stimulating discussions and engaging conversations around blockchain economies. A forward-thinking University, known for Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and creator of Polkadot graduating there. The adoption-tied model of rewarding users was introduced, explained, and included showing DAFI’s synthetic testnet. Dafi’s team explained how the protocol could change the current inflation models of cryptocurrency and usher in a new system of rewards being tied to a network’s adoption, rather than based on time — like every network since Bitcoin.

Going forward, DAFI intends to carry on such collaborations with institutions and embrace such partnerships to further the decentralized agenda — creating economies with better users in the blockchain world.

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